Don’t go hiring a contractor without first confirming if he or she is really a contractor!

Home improvement scams can start with a service provider, posing as contractors willing to offer great deals to unsuspecting consumers. These individuals might ask for money down and never come back. Overcharge for projects, or just mess thing up completely while taking your money and leaving you with a job that wasn’t finished properly. Most of the time you are left with no recourse.

So when some says they are licensed, dont take their word for it, before hiring.

Sometime when a “contractor” says “I am licensed”, they are referring to a City business license. This license does not allow for any home improvement work on any property usually in any amount over $500. Anything over this amount will require a licensed and insured contractor. These contractors will carry a State Contractor License . A licensed contractor will be held liable for their actions, through the state license board if anything goes wrong on your project.