• Are You looking for a contractor you can trust?

  • Verified Contractor Service rewards experienced contractors with A+
    Certified seal of approval so you can hire with confidence.

  • Do you dread having to decide which contractor you can trust?* Does hiring
    a contractor fill you with doubts about who you should hire? Are you worried
    you are not asking the right questions before hiring a contractor? or, that
    the contractor you are talking with might not be licensed and insured?

  • A+ Certified Contractors* are verified through our unique 14 point screening that includes annual verification of a contractor licence and insurance along with yearly references checks from the contractors customers to guarantee that the *A+ Certified Contractor* is performing the very best quality and delivering complete customer satisfaction.

  • Image a single source to find local contractors that are approved and
    certified through the Verified Contractors Service to deliver top quality
    work with all warranties and guarantees in writing. We take the exact steps
    that are needed before hiring a contractor to perform work on your home or
    business so you can hire with confidence.

  • Not every contractor that applies can approved to become A+ Certified, only
    the most experienced and qualified contractors can become A+ Certified.